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ETN Coordinated Project co-funded by the EU

H2-IGCC Project on Low Emission Gas Turbine Technology for Hydrogen-rich Syngas

ETN Coordinated Project co-funded by the EU

OMSoP Project aims to provide and demonstrate technical solutions for the use of state-of-the-art concentrated solar power system (CSP) coupled to micro-gas turbines (MGT) to produce electricity.

Project Process
Project Process


ETN facilitates and assists in the development and progress of project proposals that are submitted by members to the ETN platform.

Each ETN member can submit a project initiative to the Project Board and to the Technical Committee(s). They will advise on how to improve and maximise the potential of the initiative and assist in developing it into a project proposal. 

Project Development Process

The Project process is represented in the diagram below.



How to write a Project Outline?

ETN has prepared guidelines to help you bring a new initiative to the ETN platform and maximise its potential. To download the Project Outline Guidelines, please click here

Ongoing Projects and Initiatives

To download the global overview of all projects and initiatives, please click here.

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