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  • Best Practice Guidelines for Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Dynamics, Monitoring and control of combustion instabilities in GT
  • Enhanced flexibility concepts for current GTCC
  • Sensor Test
  • Shale gas and desalination in north Africa

SOLFLEX - former HYCOSOL (Proposal)

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Develop hybrid power systems, in which fuel input is substituted for a low-carbon energy source in order to:

  • reduce the emissions from the power plant;
  • maintain controllable electricity generation.






Project Description:

The concept at the core of this project is a high-temperature HSGT unit. High temperature refers to both the operating temperature of the receiver as well as the inlet temperature of the turbine. High temperatures are required in the receiver in order to achieve high solar shares, whereas high turbine inlet temperatures are required to ensure high conversion efficiencies.
More precisely, the project will target a "core" system with a 1400 °C turbine inlet temperature for the gas turbine, in order to allow integration with bottoming cycles where appropriate. As the solar share is dependent on the solar receiver temperature, the project will aim for a receiver temperature in the region of 950 °C in order to increase the solar share. The focus of the project will be clearly placed on utility-scale, multi-megawatt, HSGT power plants.

High temperature thermal energy storage integration will also be studied, with direct contact solid media storage, (i.e. regenerative-type heat storage) considered a particularly promising technology option. This technology does not depend on expensive metallic components in the hot gas path and is thus well suited to cost effective operation at high temperatures.

Unlike previous projects, in which component development was prioritised, this will place the focus clearly on component integration and system control, with particular emphasis on receiver-combustion chamber integration. Furthermore, operation strategies and the adjoining emergency procedures will be elaborated and tested in order to allow safe, reliable and dispatchable operation of a hybrid gas turbine in a solar power plant.
The project will also address the question of identifying the optimal design of hybrid power plants and their future market roles through the use of techno-economic and market analysis.

Project Goals:

  • To provide technology upgrade for the Solar Air Receiver in order to work at high temperature (~1000 °C) and high pressure.
  • To develop a new combustor concept for Solar GT.
  • To develop a high Scalable Storage Concept with reduced pressure and heat losses.
  • To concept new control strategies for utility-scale new GT.


  • ETN, for more information please contact the ETN Office.

Project Group Members:

Abengoa Solar New Technologies Cockerill Maintenance & Ing©nerie
Ergon Research
KBA MetalPrint
Technical University of DresdenUniversity of Florence