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  • Best Practice Guidelines for Combined Cycle Power Plant
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  • Enhanced flexibility concepts for current GTCC
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  • Shale gas and desalination in north Africa

Supercritical-CO2 Recompression Turbine Cycles: a Zero Emission and Efficient Solution (Proposal not funded)

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The main objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate, using laboratory experiments, two gas turbine cycles using supercritical CO2 as working fluid. The two cycle configurations that will be developed in this project are: semi-closed configuration and closed configuration.



Project Description:

The project aims to find a cycle configuration, gas-fired, with S-CO2 as working fluid, optimized to electrical energy production with near zero emission. With this target in mind, the proposed activities are:

  • a theoretical study to evaluate performances of different Brayton-Joule cycle configurations with S-CO2 as working fluid;
  • a first series of exploratory experiences to realise a natural-gas oxy-combustion in S-CO2 atmosphere;
  • the realisation of a medium-term proof-of-concept.

Project Goals:

  • To provide detailed definitions of the cycles for the two applications, identifying critical issues and possible solutions, evaluating technical risks and societal impacts.
  • To upgrade at TRL 4 the water separation unit required for the gas turbine cycle in semi-closed configuration.
  • To upgrade at TRL 4 the NG/S-CO2 oxy-combustion technology for the gas turbine cycle in semi-closed configuration.


  • ETN, for more information, please contact the ETN Office.

Project Group Members:

Polytechnic University of MilanMMI (Italian Navy)