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Emeritus Club
Emeritus Club

The Emeritus Club

As the voice of the gas turbine value chain in Europe and beyond, ETN highly values the knowledge and the practice of experts who have been active in the Gas Turbine community. It also honours the dedication of those who have reached retirement. It is of utter important to retain and benefit from this top-notch and well-tried expertise.

For those reasons, ETN has decided to establish the Emeritus Club, which gathers recognised experts from the gas turbine community. This Club will contribute to the work and the events of ETN, sharing their experience with the organisation and its members.



The current members of the Emeritus Club are:

David Abbott


David has over 40 years of experience in the fields of combustion and acoustics and for 20 years, he has been specialising in gas turbine combustion including  research, development and design roles for a major manufacturer (ALSTOM) and development, troubleshooting and operational support roles for a major utility gas turbine operator (E.ON, now Uniper). David Abbott also has a broad understanding of turbine technology and power generation cycle, through management  of  teams dealing with  aerodynamic and thermal design and development of gas and steam turbines and novel power generation cycles.

David holds a BSc Tech (Hons), Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology  (University of Sheffield) and a PhD, Solid Propellant Admittance Measurement using Laser Anemometry  (University of Sheffield). He is a Chartered Energy Engineer (CEng), member of the Energy Institute (MEI) and member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA).

Fields of expertise:

Familiarity with a wide range of gas turbine types including: GE LM6000, 6B, 9FA; Siemens SGT100, SGT800, SGT5-4000F; ALSTOM GT24, GT26.

Currently interested in all aspects of gas turbine combustion particularly:

  • Impact of (gaseous) compositio on gas turbine operation, emissions, integrity, etc.

    • Grid natural gases, LNG, hydrogen, natural gas/hydrogen mixtures, off-specification natural gases, gasification gases, waste gases, etc.

  • Combustion acoustics (pulsations, dynamics, humming etc.)
  • Natural gas fuel quality specifications and standard

    • Hydrogen addition to natural gas grids


Manfred Klein


Manfred Klein has been working as a consultant on a range of environment and gas turbine energy issues, after retiring in 2013 from the Canadian government. He worked 6 years with the Gas Turbine Laboratory of the National Research Council, 16 years with Environment Canada, developed air emission rules for gas turbines using output-based standards and 11 years with the National Energy Board on gas compressor station certification. 


Manfred Klein is the former Chair of IAGT Industrial Gas Turbine Applications Committee and of ASME / IGTI Environment & Regulatory Affairs Committee. He also provided two chapters on a new 'Gas Turbine Emissions'​ book (Cambridge Univ. Press), published 16 technical papers, and helped organize many technical seminars on LNG systems, clean energy and cogeneration. Manfred holds a Bachelor in Mechanical engineering from Carleton University (1980).

Fields of expertise:

Specialization in industrial gas turbines, efficiency, air emissions, cogeneration & CHP

Provide training and technical advice on energy & environment

Balanced analysis of integrated system solutions to GHGs, air pollution and system reliability

System descriptions based on various GT combined cycle and cogen facility examples

Natural gas industry and compressor waste heat recovery applications.


Dieter Krapp


Dieter was an Executive Manager in large international Energy Companies with more than 30 years of broad experience. This experience includes managing large power generation assets, commodity sales & trading, structuring and negotiation of complex deals, M&A of power generation businesses and project management of large infrastructure projects in Europe, Asia and America.

In his career, he has successfully managed and restructured existing businesses and he has set up new start-ups and successfully positioned them in the market.

Since April 2016, Dieter has retired from OMV in Austria where I was responsible for their International Power Business and he is now focusing on part time assignments utilising my broad experience in Gas & Power Markets.

Fields of expertise:

Management of large Power Generation assets

Experience in LTSA contracts and execution for CCGT plants

Gas & Power Sales and Trading

Global LNG markets


Lionel Lafage


Lionel created the company Lafage Energie in December 2016. Before that, he was Vice President Services for the Americas at Bombardier, the aircraft and railcar manufacturer. He was member of the Executive Committee and was managing and developing the Division of Services, Operation & Maintenance for North and South America. Previously, his career was focused on power generation and aerospace.

Until December 2014, Lionel was Chief Operating Officer of the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions and Vice President of Power Generation at Contour Global. Previously, he was Power Generation Fleet Manager at Total, responsible for the power generation fleet (CCGT) linked to the Oil and Gas activities for Asia, Persian Gulf countries and Africa areas (Nigeria). He was also Project Director for the development of nuclear, CCGT and solar power plants. He also spent 13 years at Electricité de France (EDF) and GDF SUEZ (ENGIE ) and spent over 11 years as Aircraft Maintenance Manager and gas turbine expert for the Boeing fleet at Air France KLM.

Lionel LAFAGE has a Master of Engineering in Aeronautic and Energy from the ENSMA (France), and an Executive Master of Business in Energy Management from the ESCP Europe, the French Petroleum Institute and the Business Institute of Oslo (Norway). He is an award winner and member of the foundation Georges BESSE since 1994 and he is Vice President of the Agency for the Development of Energy in Africa (ADEA).

Fields of expertise:

Due diligence of power stations & assets

Expertise of Gas Turbines and Combined Cycles (Heavy duty & Aeroderivative)

Development, negotiation and management of O&M and PPA contract

Market study of energy situation & Multi-year strategic business plan of energy development

Setting up and deployment of international strategy

Project & Operation Management - Setting up of KPIs and Management of operational and financial performances

Restructuring and optimization of organization

International Management of multi-site business units


Jacques Maunand


Jacques Maunand has worked 17 years with SNECM, designing combustion systems for M88, GE 36, CFM 56 and many others. He also worked at EDF where he monitored gas turbines, using PRISM (for example using bearing vibrations measurements at start up for rotating stall strength follow up). He has specialised in the design of gas turbines, writing a summary of gas turbines design main rules for the “Techniques de l'Ingénieur” and teaching gas turbine design for engineering classes in CNAM Paris.

Jacques Maunand has a strong expertise in questions related to fuel characteristics effect on gas turbine performances, including fuel thermal behavior and varnish deposits formation in fuel feeding systems. He has published several articles and contributions (“Safety issues in double annular combustor design” - Royal Society 1991, “Aéronautics and Environnement” - AECMA publication1992, “Besoins que doivent satisfaire les turbines à gaz” - Pétrole et Technique 2003, “Production d’électricité par turbine à gaz”  - Techniques de l’Ingénieur D4001 2005)

Fields of expertise:

Combustor and reheat design

Standards establishment

Design of gas turbines

Fuel characteristics effect on gas turbine performances



Marcelo Accorsi Miranda


Marcelo Accorsi Miranda is an Independent Consultant on Energy and Turbomachinery, with 38 years of experience in oil and gas industry. Since 2007, Mr. Miranda has served as Active Member of the prestigious Turbomachinery Symposium Advisory Committee, sponsored by the Texas A&M University. As recognition for his outstanding contributions, Mr. Miranda was recently elected to continue serving the Committee as an Emeritus Member.

Mr. Miranda received a B.S. degree (Mechanical Engineering) from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and a M.S. degree (Industrial Engineering) from Universidade Federal Fluminense. He has authored several technical papers on turbomachinery testing, low and high speed balancing, compressor selection, RAM analysis and LCC analysis.

Fields of expertise:


Lateral and torsional analysis

Stability analysis and stability test


Performance test

Process simulation

RAM analysis

Life cycle cost analysis